The 24-month travel expenses rule

Are you incurring costs travelling to a temporary client site? If so then you need to know about the 24-month rule which will tell you if you can claim for these costs. If you’re a contractor then you’ll understand what a significant difference to your finances claiming expenses can make. However there are strict laws … Continued

A Note to Company Directors

Did you know that when directors borrow from their own companies they incur a temporary tax charge? The rate of tax charged on loans to participators & other arrangements is currently 25% and is being linked to the dividend upper rate which from April 6th 2016 will be 32.5%. Section 455 CTA 2010 liabilities must … Continued

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Taking on the new Tax Year – looking to the future

Accountants and clients alike can share a sigh of relief as we reach the tax year-end, accounts are filed with HMRC, and everyone is ready to take on the new tax year with renewed energy and strength.   As we start the new tax year, it is important that clients reflect and take a fresh … Continued

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