Liquidating Your Company.

Thinking about retiring? Need to wind down your business? If you are planning on liquidating your company then you need to time it correctly for maximum tax efficiency. In 2010, the tax rules for payments made when you are winding down a company changed. As it now stands, only where the total value of the … Continued

Limited Company

Limited Company Running a limited company is seen as one of the best ways to maximise your take home pay through efficiently and legally working with your finances. In doing so, it gives you the opportunity to manage your own financial accounts and essentially benefit from tax relief, which in turn benefits many other areas … Continued

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Taking on the new Tax Year – looking to the future

Accountants and clients alike can share a sigh of relief as we reach the tax year-end, accounts are filed with HMRC, and everyone is ready to take on the new tax year with renewed energy and strength.   As we start the new tax year, it is important that clients reflect and take a fresh … Continued

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