Forensic accountancy is the application of accountancy skills to legal matters and disputes.

The team at KPP have over 25 years’ experience in forensic accounting, not only do we have an excellent grasp of numbers we have the ability to prepare independent Court reports that are easy to understand. KPP have acted successfully for numerous clients in the following Areas:

Proceeds of Crime & Criminal Defence

KPP have been instructed in several cases to act on behalf of Defendants to consider the report prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service. These reports ordinarily claim the Defendant has benefited from a particular crime and there is intended recovery through the Defendant’s assets.

In our role, we would critically examine the basis of the prosecution’s claim and in our report, isolate examples of legitimate trading. We also examine the evidence in relation to the Defendants Assets.

Our forensic involvement would ordinarily reduce the benefit and asset position in favour of the Defendant.

We have prepared numerous reports and given evidence in Court on many occasions on areas including:

  • Employee fraud
  • False accounting
  • Wrongful trading
  • Insurance fraud
  • VAT, duty and tax fraud
  • Department of Work and Pensions benefit fraud

Fraud investigation

Frauds may be internal or external to your business and include the following types:

  • Account takeover
  • Cardholder not present fraud
  • Cheque fraud
  • Employee fraud
  • Fake invoice scams
  • Intellectual property fraud and theft

We will work with you to identify, quantify and evidence fraud in your organisation, to put in place measures to reduce your exposure to fraud or to develop a fraud response plan.

Insurance Industry Support

If you have suffered financial loss as a result of breach of contract, personal injury, through business interruption or otherwise, our extensive experience will help you recover the loss

Divorce, Matrimonial Disputes and Business Valuations

The valuation of a business, whether in divorce proceedings or as part of a business sale requires an expert knowledge of owner-managed businesses, at KPP we have this.

We have plenty experience working with lawyers, their clients and business owners either within a collaborative law process or as part of a business sale and have helped achieve excellent results in these cases.

In order to carry out a business valuation we would typically require:

  • Annual accounts of the business (3 years where available)
  • Recent management accounts
  • Copies of current budgets, forecasts and business plans (where available)
  • Commercial information about the business including its principal activities, operating markets, customers, suppliers, contracts, terms of business etc
  • Shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Property and specialised asset valuations (where applicable)

Expert witness & other instructions

We accept instructions from solicitors as either a party expert, as single joint expert or in an advisory capacity. As expert witnesses, we understand the reporting requirements of both Family and Civil Procedures Rules and have taken part in meetings of experts and attended trial where required.

In addition to expert witness services we can help with other divorce matters:

  • Advising on tax matters associated with the ownership or disposal of matrimonial assets including the former matrimonial home
  • Disclosure of assets and sources of income
  • Implications of share options
  • Research of corporate valuation comparators
  • Non-corporate and partnership valuations

For more information about our services or to discuss a potential case on a no obligation basis, call us on 0141 345 2335 or fill out our online enquiry form and we will contact you directly.

Our experienced and expert team of forensic accountants assists a broad range of clients across the UK, in both Claimant and Defendant scenarios.

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