Lie in the sun, work in the cloud

Would you rather be lying on a beach this summer, or stuck in an office chained to your computer? It’s not a trick question, however for many small businesses leaving the office and switching off can be difficult. Whether you are at the early stages of building a new business, or have an established company with staff to look after and debtors to pay, being able to access your accounts and real-time financial data whilst lying by the pool or sightseeing round the Taj Mahal is crucial.


Cloud accounting gives you this flexibility. You can be lying on the beach, one hand holding on to your Mojito, whilst the other hand clicks away on your iPad checking your up–to-date financial position, viewing your accounts, settling invoices, or paying your staff.


In addition the other benefits include:


  • Anytime / Anywhere – with cloud accounting software you can access your accounts anywhere anytime, so if you are in Australia, there is no need to wait up until the early hours just to phone your accountant back at home between 9-5.


  • Reporting – up to the minute reporting means that you can see exactly what financial position your business is in rather than having to wait for a meeting with your accountant or annual reports to be produced, allowing you to make informed decisions on a daily basis.


  • Time savings – making your business more efficient by freeing up your time to focus on the core activities of running the business.


  • Links to your bank – linking your cloud accounting software to your business bank accounts makes everything more streamlined and efficient.


  • Straightforward to use and understand – with advances in modern technology, cloud accounting software is designed for the business owner rather than the accountant and is straightforward to use.


  • Low cost – for as little as £20 a month you can get smart and up to date cloud accounting software.


  • Digital Tax Planning – It’s less than a year until UK businesses that are VAT registered and above the threshold will be required to keep their records digitally, and submit VAT returns to HMRC using ‘Making Tax Digital’ compatible software, so it is worth getting on board now.


  • Support – your accountant can access your cloud software package as well as you so at any given time should you need support one of our team will be able to see up-to-date figures and explain them to you.

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