S’no excuse to not be able to access your accounts

The unprecedented snow that Scotland faced last week caused havoc for businesses, with many people unable to get into their office, access their financial data, process invoices and view their up-to-date figures.


The answer? Cloud technology. Cloud technology is changing the face of financial accounting and how a client interacts with their accountant. Cloud accounting software, such as Xero, allows you to log in online anytime, anywhere, from your Mac, your PC, your tablet or even your phone and see up-to-date financials. It’s small business accounting software that’s straightforward, and makes running your business’ accounts simpler, faster and more efficient.


At the touch of a button you can have a clear overview of your current financial position in real time. So whether you are stuck at home because of the snow, or lying on a beach in the Caribbean, you will be able to:


  • take the burden of book-keeping off your hands
  • access your bank statements and reconcile transactions
  • generate invoices quickly and seamlessly
  • manage expenses claims and receipts
  • generate a financial overview of your business(es)


KPP Accountants is an approved provider of Xero cloud-based accounting software, meaning you can log in and access your financial information anywhere, as well as scan and upload invoices through email and smartphones, making your life easier and freeing up valuable time.


Moving to Xero is easier than you think. If you are frustrated with Sage or other desktop-based accounting packages, then get in touch today and we will convert your existing accounts to Xero free of charge. Xero doesn’t just make your financial management more efficient, it’s a software platform that lets us provide up-to-date information wherever you need it, whenever you need it and help analyse the profitability of your business.


If you want to be in control, wherever you are, then get in touch with KPP today to set up your cloud accounting software.

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