Beware of HMRC scam tax refunds

Most of us are pretty savvy when it comes to receiving a phone call to say that you are due compensation following the recent car accident you didn’t have or an email saying that you have a long lost relative in Zimbabwe that has died and left you a huge bundle of cash.

However, when it comes to receiving notification from what seems a trusty source, like the HMRC, then it can seem that bit more convincing. Recent reports show the latest scam can be found in the form of a text message, which looks like it legitimately comes from the HMRC, saying that your tax refund from 2018 is still pending and to click on the secure link to process it. Please be warned we are aware of this happening and when the person completed the form they had their bank account cleared out.

Cybercrime has always been big business and this year that trend unfortunately continues with ‘phishing’ and ‘spidering’ emails on the rise. If you do receive something regarding your accounts or tax return that seems suspicious or ‘too good to be true’ then please get in touch with us first before taking any action.

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