Case Study: Digitonic LTD

Research and Development Tax Claims for Digitonic Ltd

Digitonic Ltd, a leading digital marketing agency, partnered with KPP Chartered Accountants to maximize their Research and Development (R&D) tax claims. KPP’s expertise in R&D tax incentives enabled Digitonic to identify and claim eligible expenses, resulting in substantial tax savings. This case study outlines the enhanced expenditures and corresponding tax savings achieved by Digitonic in each year of collaboration with KPP.

What We Did

Through their collaboration with KPP Chartered Accountants, Digitonic Ltd successfully leveraged R&D tax claims to obtain substantial tax savings. Over the course of five years, Digitonic’s enhanced expenditures totaled £3,383,670, generating tax savings of £365,219. This partnership not only provided significant financial benefits but also highlighted Digitonic’s ongoing dedication to research and innovation. By utilizing KPP’s expertise in R&D tax incentives, Digitonic could reinvest these savings into further enhancing their capabilities and pioneering new industry solutions.

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